About PSCP: The Psycholophiladelphia-love-statuegy Network

PSCP: The Psychology Network offers comprehensive services to mental health professionals, graduate students and the community.  Services offered include referral resources, low-cost therapy, continuing education, mental health updates, and social networking events.  The Psychology Network keeps the community informed of the latest updates in mental health legislation and public policy, as well as community-based prevention, treatment techniques, psychological publications, and treatment programs. In addition to being comprised of many experienced clinicians, member psychologists are available to speak at events, to discuss a particular type of problem in a group setting, or to consult with groups and organizations.

The PSCP Board meets monthly on the first Friday of each month. All members are welcome to attend these meetings and become involved with any of the initiatives.

Services to the Community

  • Young marriage on therapyReferral Services –  PSCP: The Psychology Network can help to locate qualified local psychologists. Visit Find a Psychologist in our Online Member Directory to identify a psychologist, along with his/her area of expertise. Or call our office for more information on a particular psychologist in your area.
  • Human Services Center: The Human Services Center is designed to meet the mental health needs of the public. One of the primary ways it serves the community is to provide psychological services for individuals who are not able to afford full private-fees. Call our office to locate a HSC therapist in your area. Visit Human Services Center on the main menu for a full description.
  • Public Information: PSCP: The Psychology Network provides the community with the most recent updates on psychologists’ credentials, issues of privacy, mental health legislation, public policy, psychological publications, community prevention programs, and treatment interventions. Visit For The Public on the main menu and click Psychologists’ Credentials, Protecting Your Confidentiality, Behavior and Emotional Health or Social Action, for recent public information.
  • Consultation Services: PSCP provides psychological consultation to community groups, governmental agencies, and other service organizations.

Please call The Psychology Network office for more information: 215-885-2562.

Services for Professionals

  • Referrals: Psychology Network members may form a professional relationship with other local psychologists by visiting Find a Psychologist in our Online Member Directory or by calling our office directly to inquire about other psychologists for referrals.
  • Continuing Education Programs: PSCP offers a series of affordable, cutting-edge, CE programs throughout the year. Our organization is an APA approved sponsor for CE credits and an approved sponsor for ACT 48 credits. Members are also invited to offer workshops to fellow professionals. Visit Continuing Education Events on the main menu to see our upcoming workshops.
  • Social/Professional Networking Events: PSCP offers a number of professional/social events throughout the year: Click Social Events on the main menu to see upcoming events.
  • Ethical Consultation: PSCP offers free ethical consultation to our members. In addition, our Newsletter has an Ethics column where up-to-date articles are published for our readers. Call our office or visit Newsletter on the main menu for contact information.
  • Peer Consultation: PSCP offers a number of peer-consultation groups for members interested in advancing their clinical skills in a specific area. Members interested in joining one of our groups should visit Newsletter on the main menu or contact our office for more information.
  • Newsletter: PSCP publishes a quarterly online member newsletter that contains workshop summaries, ethics articles, public policy updates, upcoming continuing education workshops, networking events, members’ publications, book reviews, career opportunities, and classified advertisements. Visit Newsletter on the main menu or contact our office for more information.
  • Web Directory: PSCP General members and their practices are invited to be listed on this site.
  • Student Members: PSCP offers a number of career building and professional development opportunities for student members. These include invitations to social/professional networking events, notices of practicum and internship placements, and mentorship opportunities.

Email: PhilaPsychology@gmail.com