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Essential and Therapeutic Tools for Helping Clients Conquer Failure to Launch

Presented By: Sherry Pomerantz, Ph.D. and Susan Anderer, Psy.D.

PCOM 4170 City Avenue Philadelphia, PA, 19131

Time: 8:30am to 12pm

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3.0 CE

Act 48

There is an increased focus on the struggles of emerging adults or late adolescents and on their transition from high school or college to a mastery of the tasks of adult life. Finding meaningful employment, becoming financially independent from parents, and creating close and long-lasting interpersonal relationships are important milestones that mark this transition. The current economic and cultural climate and an immersion in a culture of “helicopter parenting” have contributed to an increased number of anxious young adults who lack the tools to make this transition successfully. The emerging adult and their family all struggle with next steps.

This interactive seminar is intended to stimulate thought and discussion about the forces that have given rise to these struggles among emerging adults; the associated learning, cognitive and/or psychological challenges; and the impact of, and upon, parenting styles and family systems. Clinical interventions that help shift young adults towards self-reliance, resilience, and independence will be resilience, and independence will be explored with particular focus on assessment and family intervention.

Learning Objectives:

  1. List 3 cultural/societal influences that inhibit emerging adults from launching
  2. Describe the role of evaluation in facilitating the therapeutic process for “failure to launch” emerging adults
  3. List 3 goals of an intervention strategy for these emerging adults
  4. List 3 challenges to consider in working with parents

Sherry Pomerantz, Ph.D.

As a psychologist in private practice, Sherry Pomerantz has worked with children, adolescents, young adults and their families for over 25 years. Her particular interests include helping those with eating disorders and body image
concerns; adolescent and emerging adult social-emotional development; family relationships; and providing parenting support and coaching. She has offices in Bala Cynwyd and Rosemont. Dr. Pomerantz received her PhD from Temple University and completed post-doctoral family therapy training. She has presented in numerous school and organizational settings to both parents and students on a variety of topics, including body image, recognizing eating disorders, parenting in the digital age, parent-teen communication.

Susan Ecker Anderer, Psy.D.

Dr. Susan Anderer is a licensed psychologist and certified school psychologist in private practice on the Main Line suburbs of Philadelphia. Dr. Anderer was graduated cum laude from Cornell University in 1987 where she majored in Psychology. She went on to earn both her school psychology certification from Bryn Mawr College in 1990 and her doctorate in clinical psychology from Widener University in 1992, receiving the award for distinction in clinical
psychology. Throughout her 25 year career, Dr. Anderer’s work has centered on the assessment of learning disabilities, differential diagnosis of psychiatric disorders, and attention regulation disorder. Her work includes the provision of psychotherapy to children, adolescents, and adults. Dr. Anderer’s areas of expertise focus on students who are both intellectually gifted and who also have specific learning disabilities, therapeutic assessment, parenting, and adolescent development. Her current work is focused on working with older adolescents with “Failure to Launch”, those struggling to transition either from high school to college or from college into the adult working world.